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The Road to the 2015 Davis Cup Final

Murray Brothers

The Davis Cup is also known as the BNP Paribas due to its sponsors. It is the 104th edition of the championship. From the world of men’s tennis, player appears according to their country. The game has started on the 6th March. Davis Cup is scheduled to be continued till 29th November. Both the singles and double matches are seen during this championship.

Countries like Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Great Britain, Serbia, United States and Switzerland participates for the Davis Cup. It can be considered as an opportunity to bring pride for the country. Eight teams have made to the Quarter Finals. In this season, Great Britain, France, Australia, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Argentina, Belgium and Canada have made it to the Quarter final. From these teams, Great Britain, Australia, Belgium and Argentina have qualified for the semi finals.

In the semi final at the Glasgow, Britain, Andy Murray has fought with the Bernard Tomic from Australia. Murray has won the game with 3-2 from his contender for the game. It can be considered as both mental and physical battle for Murray. He has managed to get the third point during weekend match to seal the position as the finalist. Due to this success of Andy Murray, Great Britain has reached to the final of Davis Cup for the first time after 1978. And with this accomplishment, the odds of winning it all have tilted in their favor accordingly to the latest lines from UK bookie BET 365.

From the beginning, Andy Murray has shown his dominance over the game. As a player, he has been holding the third rank in the world. In a span of 1 hour and 46 minutes, He has managed to defeat Bernard Tomic. For the country, Murray has won three crucial points. Previous to this win, Murray has also played a part in the quarter finals. In addition to Andy Murray, his team mates Dan Evans and Jamie Murray have also contributed for the achievement.

According to Andy Murray, it is a great achievement to reach the final of Davis Cup after a long time. The team is quite proud of the achievement. Pre match statistic has also shown the comfortable win of Andy Murray.

On the other semi final, David Goffin, Steve Darcis and Ruben Bemelmans from Belgium have defeated players from Argentina to claim a place in the final. Belgium has won the game with 3-2 lead. Belgium is not part of any ATP tour now. They have been played from the front in order to achieve the victory. Therefore, it is certainly a big moment for the tennis players from Belgium.

In the home turf, players from the Belgium will met the Andy Murray and his team from Great Britain. Electrifying atmosphere can be expected in the court on 29th November. Due to presence of Andy Murray in the team, Great Britain can be certainly considered as the favorite for the final day. Both the experts and sports enthusiasts have been confident about the win of Great Britain. In order to know about the final result, sports enthusiasts may have to wait a little bit.

Now all that is left is for the last two remaining juggernauts of tennis to battle it out on the hard court! And for those of you inclined to take your love of tennis to the next level, check out for the latest in tennis from the bookmaking world.

Activities of Due Diligence for Acquisitions and Mergers


During acquisition and mergers, digital due diligence is done from the side of buyer. It is mainly performed to understand the nature of business. Obligations related to business can be known in the process. Environment and targets of the company can be enquired in addition to litigation risks, problematic contracts and contingent liabilities. Through assistance from the business brokers, information can be collected in details. In order to sell my business, I consulted with the appropriate transfer agent in my locale and you should do the same if you are considering to sell. The scenario is especially true for acquisition of private companies. If the private companies are not under scrutiny then significance of due diligence can be increased further.

Importance of Digital Due Diligence

Information is collected through the digital mode mostly now-a-days. Therefore, due diligence has taken the shape of digital due diligence in the process. If a business owner is preparing to sell a company then due diligence must be started at least few years ago in order to avoid problems in future. This includes figuring out the company valuation. The process of due diligence is necessary for both buyer and seller of business organization. Therefore, it must not be avoided.

Through the word due diligence of digitalized nature, it is possible to look at a process of investigation. It is mainly done before selling a company. After signing the Letter of Intent, inquiry is done by the buyer in order to confirm the decision of acquisition. Possible measures are taken in order to reduce purchase price of the organization

Things to do while performing digital due diligence

Following types of digital due diligence is executed in case of mergers and acquisitions. Plan for these activities must be created with lot of care. Target Company can be prepared in better fashion by the business brokers in due course.

Financial Matters

In order to buy an organization, in-depth research related to the financial history must be done with the assistance from business brokers. In most of the occasions, format of digital due diligence is utilized for collecting information. Following subjects can be researched in the process.

  • Both monthly, annually and quarterly financial statement of the company must be acquired for minimum three years in order to know condition of company perfectly.
  • Methods of audits within the organization.
  • It is important to know about current and contingent liabilities of the organization.
  • Growth rate of the company
  • Have they projected a believable future prediction?


Intellectual property of a company in addition to features of technology used within the company can be known through digital due diligence. It is mainly focused on the subsequent areas.

  • Risk related to the acquisition can be known in the process.
  • Both the internal and foreign patents acquired by the company can be acknowledged through business brokers. They are quite aware about the market. Therefore, problems may not be seen in order to extract information on the matter.
  • Investment must be done in a company if they have taken appropriate measures to safeguard intellectual property.
  • Confidential information related to the company must be secured in every possible way.

Trademark associate with the company must be known before the acquisition generally.

Realistic Looking Display of Japanese Fake Food in Restaurants

display fake foods

Sushi, burgers, noodles, soup, and ice cream you may have come across display of all these mouth-watering foods in the windows of the restaurants. But do you know those foods are not meant for eating, though they look so much alluring to eat as they are just display fake food? Surprisingly these the replica of these display foods look so realistic that the restaurants choose them for their potential customers who can see the foods at a glance to understand what the restaurants are offering in their menus before they step inside the eatery. The practice of display fake food in Japan is common because of the necessity especially for the foreigner tourists as the menus in the restaurants in Japan are all printed in Japanese. Therefore, these display foods are very convenient way to place order in the restaurants by pointing out at the display window.

The Origin of Japanese Display Food

This fake display food was actually originated from Japan nearly a hundred year ago. These are called as Sampuru that started appearing in 1917. In the initial stage, Japanese Sampuru was mainly meant for decoration purpose at home. Later on, a restaurant owner in Tokyo decided to use this food replica in the restaurant in order to attract the customers. From then, the idea was taken off. Undoubtedly, the idea of fake food replica clicked as displaying food meant attracting more customers for the business and still the trend is immensely popular. Now you don’t need to guess about the dish you want to order. Even these food replicas display you the exact size, shape and color of the food as these replicas are hand crafted from the samples of real food. Now a single Japanese restaurant spends approximately 1 million yen (about USD 8,500) on the display fake food.

History of Japanese Sampuru

Today Japanese fake food has gained wide-ranging popularity throughout the world. That’s why a great number of fake food factories make plastic food replicas for the restaurants as well as collectors for decoration purpose. But after its origin, the replica food was actually gained popularity due to the initiative of Ryuzo Iwasaki, who was the pioneer of food replicas and started selling his creations of fake foods in Osaka in 1932. Primarily he achieved success in the big cities and then he came back to Gifu, his hometown and established a factory which has now taken shape of a real artificial food empire. Till now Iwasaki Be-I is considered as the largest artificial display foods manufacturer in Japan that has 80% control in the plastic food market.

Japanese Plastic Food

The Process of Manufacturing Japanese Fake Food

Undoubtedly, the making of realistic looking fake food props is an art itself and the process is not easy enough. The process starts from the original food that the restaurant sends to the factory for its replicas. The craftsmen take the pictures of the food, sketch them and accordingly moulds are prepared. Within those moulds, liquid vinyl chloride is poured and after hardened, the expert craftsmen paint those models according to the original food so that they look like realistic food. Thus, artificial foods are ready to display in the restaurants to allure you to taste them.