Activities of Due Diligence for Acquisitions and Mergers


During acquisition and mergers, digital due diligence is done from the side of buyer. It is mainly performed to understand the nature of business. Obligations related to business can be known in the process. Environment and targets of the company can be enquired in addition to litigation risks, problematic contracts and contingent liabilities. Through assistance from the business brokers, information can be collected in details. In order to sell my business, I consulted with the appropriate transfer agent in my locale and you should do the same if you are considering to sell. The scenario is especially true for acquisition of private companies. If the private companies are not under scrutiny then significance of due diligence can be increased further.

Importance of Digital Due Diligence

Information is collected through the digital mode mostly now-a-days. Therefore, due diligence has taken the shape of digital due diligence in the process. If a business owner is preparing to sell a company then due diligence must be started at least few years ago in order to avoid problems in future. This includes figuring out the company valuation. The process of due diligence is necessary for both buyer and seller of business organization. Therefore, it must not be avoided.

Through the word due diligence of digitalized nature, it is possible to look at a process of investigation. It is mainly done before selling a company. After signing the Letter of Intent, inquiry is done by the buyer in order to confirm the decision of acquisition. Possible measures are taken in order to reduce purchase price of the organization

Things to do while performing digital due diligence

Following types of digital due diligence is executed in case of mergers and acquisitions. Plan for these activities must be created with lot of care. Target Company can be prepared in better fashion by the business brokers in due course.

Financial Matters

In order to buy an organization, in-depth research related to the financial history must be done with the assistance from business brokers. In most of the occasions, format of digital due diligence is utilized for collecting information. Following subjects can be researched in the process.

  • Both monthly, annually and quarterly financial statement of the company must be acquired for minimum three years in order to know condition of company perfectly.
  • Methods of audits within the organization.
  • It is important to know about current and contingent liabilities of the organization.
  • Growth rate of the company
  • Have they projected a believable future prediction?


Intellectual property of a company in addition to features of technology used within the company can be known through digital due diligence. It is mainly focused on the subsequent areas.

  • Risk related to the acquisition can be known in the process.
  • Both the internal and foreign patents acquired by the company can be acknowledged through business brokers. They are quite aware about the market. Therefore, problems may not be seen in order to extract information on the matter.
  • Investment must be done in a company if they have taken appropriate measures to safeguard intellectual property.
  • Confidential information related to the company must be secured in every possible way.

Trademark associate with the company must be known before the acquisition generally.

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